Prof. Dr. Ardian Jusufi graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, where most of his formal training took place. He moved to the University of Cambridge where he was a Queens’ College Postdoctoral Research Associate. Subsequently, Ardian was a research scientist at Harvard University, under the supervision of Prof. Wood of the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically-Inspired Engineering. He was a lecturer at Sydney’s Robotics Institute before founding the Max Planck Research Group for Locomotion in Biorobotic and Somatic Systems in 2018. Ardian was a Max Planck Research Group Leader [~Associate Professor] at the MPI for Intelligent Systems for five years. His research group was an integral part of the Cyber Valley ecosystem among the inaugural research groups. Ardian is presently a group leader at the Engineering Sciences Department of the Swiss Federal Labs for Materials Science and Technology. He is also an Associate of ETH and University of Zurich Institute for NeuroInformatics INI, as well as the Paleotonological Institute. Aridan is also an Hon. Associate Professor of Macquarie University Sydney.

Prof. Dr. Ardian Jusufi | Engineering Sciences Department
Swiss Federal Labs for Materials Science and Technology Empa

Associate | ETH and University of Zurich Institute for NeuroInformatics
and Paleontological Institute and Museum

Hon. Associate Professor | Macquarie University

formerly Max Planck Research Group Leader at the MPI for Intelligent Systems
and ETH Center for Learning Systems

Soft Kinetic
is an inter professional group leveraging expertise in robotics and biomechanics.

Prof. Dr. Ardian Jusufi`s general interests reside in locomotion dynamics and control as it pertains to biomechanics with experimental robotics, soft robotics. Having discovered multiple functions of tails as control appendages, allowing them to overcome obstacles during wall running, assisting them in mid-air righting, and gliding, the focus of Ardian`s research has been on deciphering general principles of locomotor robustness as it pertains to disturbance rejection before reverse-engineering them. In this spirit, his pioneering experiments uncovered how tails contribute to stability and maneuverability of locomotion in diverse vertebrate model systems. These efforts in turn inspired the design of robots with novel capabilities of climbing and landing that will ultimately help them navigate complex terrain.

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Prof. Dr. Ardian Jusufi
Head of Soft Kinetic group | Empa Swiss Federal Labs for Materials Science and Technology, Engineering Sciences Department