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2024 | Fin Shape changes

2024 | Biomechanical Modeling of Canine Running Jump

2023 | Learning Control for Body Caudal Undulation with Soft Sensory Feedback

2023 | Air-to-land transitions: from wingless animals and plant seeds to shuttlecocks and bio-inspired robot

2022 | Morphologically Adaptive Crash Landing on a Wall: Soft-Bodied Models of Gliding Geckos with Varying Material Stiffnesses. Wiley Advanced Intelligent Systems

2021 | Nature communications bio: Tails stabilize landing of gliding geckos crashing head-first into tree trunks

2021 | Undulatory Swimming Performance Explored With a Biorobotic Fish and Measured by Soft Sensors and Particle Image Velocimetry

2021 | Strong, Ultrastretchable Hydrogel-Based Multilayered Soft Actuator Composites Enhancing Biologically Inspired Pumping Systems

2021 | Mechanisms for Mid-Air Reorientation Using Tail Rotation in Gliding Geckos

2021 | Body Caudal Undulation Measured by Soft Sensors and Emulated by Soft Artificial Muscles

2021 | Modeling and Control of a Soft Robotic Fish with Integrated Soft Sensing

2021 | Inertial Tail Effects during Righting of Squirrels in Unexpected Falls: From Behavior to Robotics

2021 | Tails, Flails, and Sails: How Appendages Improve Terrestrial Maneuverability by Improving Stability

2021 | Compliance, mass distribution and contact forces in cursorial and scansorial locomotion with biorobotic physical models

2019 | IEEE RoboSoft : Soft Sensors for Curvature Estimation under Water in a Soft Robotic Fish. Wright, Vogt, Wood and Jusufi

2017 | Undulatory Swimming Performance and Body Stiffness Modulation in a Soft Robotic Fish-Inspired Physical Model

2017 | Soft Robotics journal: Ardian Jusufi, Daniel Vogt, Robert Wood, George Lauder. Soft Robotic Fish-Inspired Physical Model. 2017.202-210. Undulatory Swimming Performance and Body Stiffness Modulation in a Soft Robotic Fish-Inspired Physical Model

2017 |  A Study of Rapid Tetrapod Running and Turning Dynamics Utilizing Inertial Measurement Units in Greyhound Sprinting

2012 | Rapid Inversion: Running Animals and Robots Swing like a Pendulum under Ledges

2012 | Nature: Tail assisted Pitch Control in Lizards, Robots and Dinosaurs

2011 | Aerial Righting Reflexes in Flightless Animals

2010 | Righting and turning in mid-air using appendage inertia: reptile tails, analytical models and bio-inspired robots

2008 | Active tails enhance arboreal acrobatics in geckos

The IOP paper has meanwhile been selected among the most read of 2010 and 2011 in the IOP Journal Bioinpsiration & Biomimetics.