Guest Lecture on Support Systems and Biomaterials in the course Physiology of Organisms.
29 April 2014. Main Physiology Lecture Theatre, Cambridge University.

Presentation on “Research-based Teaching – Reflection on Practice”.
1 May 2014. Held at Conference of the Teaching and Learning Committee, Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Researcher Development Programme and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs meet with Representatives of Postdoctoral Researchers to discuss the launch of a new mentoring scheme:

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for teaching. U.C. Berkeley. 2013 Dean of the Graduate Division.

Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley. Fall Semester 2012. Lecture “Comparative Animal Physiology” [IB 148].

Guest Lecturer, Boston University. Fall Semester 2011. Course “Bio-Aerial Locomotion” [EK 131], Engineering Department, Prof. Lorena Barba.

Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley. Spring Semester 2011. Course “Laboratory in the Mechanics of Organisms” [IB C135L] taught with Prof. Full, and Prof. Fearing.

Laboratory in the Mechanics of Organisms  –  Integrative Biology  (INTEGBI) C135L 

Course Format: Six hours of laboratory and one hour of discussion per week, plus one field trip.

Prerequisites: Integrative Biology 135 or consent of instructor; Electrical Engineering 105, 120 or Computer Science 184 recommended.

Formerly Integrative Biology 135L

Credit option: Students will receive no credit for Integrative Biology C135L, Bioengineering C136L or Electrical Engineering C145O after taking Integrative Biology 135L.

Description: Introduction to laboratory and field study of the biomechanics of animals and plants using fundamental biomechanical techniques and equipment. Course has a series of rotations involving students in experiments demonstrating how solid and fluid mechanics can be used to discover the way in which diverse organisms move and interact with their physical environment. The laboratories emphasize sampling methodology, experimental design, and statistical interpretation of results. Latter third of course devoted to independent research projects. Written reports and class presentation of project results are required. Also listed as Electrical Engineering C145O and Bioengineering C136L. (SP) Staff